"Strength, flexibility, attention, focus, silence, sense of ethics, heroism. These qualities are needed, these are the ingredients I want in my personal practice, this is what I want to spread."
Marco Mandrino

Silent Warrior Training is our School Mission. It is for us a field of research that is in constant evolution. The goal is to combine and integrate multiple disciplines in order to develop one’s individual qualities and full potential. 

Silent Warrior is a non-competitive training, it’s a training to improve and benefit one’s personal growth. We do not use technique to become good fighters; however, we use fighting to complete ourselves as human beings.

Personal development aims to improve one’s life and increase the ability to pursue goals by attending a training that has no boundaries between body and mind. Hari-Om is a research open lab, which tries to find the perfect balance between Yin and Yang. SWT’s goal is to focus on the Yang aspect that is determination, perseverance, speed and explosiveness. This type of training sets the psychophysical and chemical fundaments to live life with enthusiasm and passion.

Our Silent Warrior Training doesn’t want to leave anything behind nor overlook things. We pay respect to all traditions and style, we wish to study them yet break the boundaries between them.

Thus, we use different types of meditation combined to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) + Functional Training and Crossfit and much more.

The Martial Arts section is based primarily on the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) without the competitive aspect. In our training MMA main aspects are: Muay Thai and Kick-BoxingBrazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The Functional Training is based on certain Crossfit sequences and methods and Functional Fitness ones among others and more.

All this above is combined with the ethical, spiritual, motivational, scientific, energetic, artistic and ecological (personal and environmental) background, that consequently becomes the natural way of being when you choose not to leave anything behind.

In other words ours is an ongoing research of balancing the Yin and Yang in order to flow lightly through the present moment.

This practice has been developed during different retreats, seminars and workshops, in which the absence of borders, limits and dogmatism is pursued and maintained; every teacher also adds a rather unique element due to his/hers experience and professional background.

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