We also supervised the detox from excess of outside incentives unless they are part of nature.

The one that just ended was particularly nice and functional. Many the keys to its success one of which was certainly the people who took part in it.

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What makes the difference is the practitioner; it’s the intention that HE put in it. He already has everything inside himself and he makes what he does useful.

I’ve been wondering it for a while now.
Everything I teach doesn’t make sense without an intention, and I can’t teach the intention, I can just teach the technique, and the technique doesn’t make sense if the intention is the wrong one.
When I teach how to punch, if your intention is to give someone a black eye in the first round of sparring, you’ve got it all wrong.
When you train with pads or when you workout, if the intention is to show off or to show me that you are strong and you are the best, you’ve got it all wrong.
When you are holding an asana, if the intention is to show how flexible you are or your mind is somewhere else waiting, suffering, for the teacher to change position, you’ve got it all wrong.

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In evolved societies, our natural aggression finds its place in playful situations or in sporting competitions that have the social value of confining this aggression and sublimate it.

A few days ago, a friend asked me indirectly whether I was or not a pacifist. For a moment I honestly has been asking it to myself, and when I did it I thought to be a foolish. Yes, a foolish because I was falling again in the temptation to put myself into some category: pacifist or non-pacifist. After that first moment, though, I have tried to explore my present personal relationship with all that we can call peace and everything we can call war. The term “war” includes the small daily wars such as quarrels with the neighbors, insults to someone who cuts your way in the car, and so on. This post is the result of this small self-analysis.

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It takes a lot of courage in that cage no matter who you are. I just want to try and send an example in that way and the rest of the world, too

The words you read below are from Rose Namajunas the new world champion of MMA Featherweight just after defeating the unbeaten and super favorite Joanna Jedrzejczyk. The match was a fantastic sporting moment, but the words are relevant beyond it. First of all, because these are the words of a 25-year-old who has just won a title, and instead of screaming against the opponent who had done so before the match, she did exactly the opposite.

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Heroism lies in the fact that despite knowing that they will be defeated, some still do their best risking everything they have.

Games of Thrones is one of my favorite series. Perhaps second only to Vikings. I think it is ridiculous to simply define it as a fantasy. I think it's more realistic than the official history. Not the plot and the events, the surface, but the mode that is the substance. I think the story has developed more on the impulses and lust of power, perfectly represented in Games of Thrones, than on great ideals or even just "big plans".

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