Yoga and Meditation, if used as an anesthetic pill, as therapy, as an attempt to have no more thoughts, then they are something to stay away from.

Equals is a movie recommended by Elisa Fantini and I thank her for having told me about it. Despite having appreciated the idea of ​​the film and despinte finding it a nice movie, in general, I do not appreciate this kind of things. It does not have rhythm nor action, while it is clearly a movie that Elisa Fantini appreciates: there is drama, distress and poetry.

The film hypothesizes a future where emotions are considered a disease and bearers must be "cured" or eliminated. Personally, I am convinced, the real disease lack of authentic emotions. Anyone interested in maintaining control is scared by emotions, because emotions lead to uncontrollable acts. Authentic emotions are also a threat to the consumer society as those who prove authentic emotions end up by not being big consumers as companies’ strategy is based on the sale of emotional shadows. Today we are faced with two attempts to eliminate emotions, or "equalization". The first mode is the one that uses digital social tools as surrogate of the authentic relationship. Thanks to them you end up loving, hating or anything in between, not human beings but digital surrogates. In "Equals", however, there is an attempt to completely eliminate the immaturity without substitute surrogates. The world of "Equals" is made up of intellectuals and scientists who study the space in search of answers to the whys of life. Everyone moves in a similar fashion and at the same speed, dress identically, eat the same aseptic things, everything is clean and functional. In the film there is a total spersonalization or a total absence of ego, a world where physical contacts are banned and where life is controlled and tamed: no one cries, no one is suffering. Anyone with a minimum of observation skills knows very well that in our society these two attempts are both active. The means used are not bad per se: social media, the possibilities of communicating with the internet can be opportunities rather than a contribution to shrill and banalization. Yoga and Meditation, if used as an anesthetic pill, as therapy, as an attempt to have no more thoughts, to sparring, to reduce the ego, to divert desires, to make us more "Equals", then they are something to stay away from. Obviously the medium is only a medium and depends on how it is used and the same means could have many other uses. The question is what are your real intentions? Why do you use Yoga and Meditation? What would you like to achieve? Please, sincerely think on your answers. I envision a future with more and more people who will practice Yoga and Meditation and and keep an increasing distance from life. It is not the means that determines the "awakening" but it is the intention and the mode by which the means is used. After years at Cascina Bellaria and inside the Yoga world, I perfectly understand that so many of you want to stop living and become "Equals." I will do everything possible because what we do is a contribution to vitality and not a cure for it. Today, it is important to clarify where what you stand for!


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