So far, Buddha seems to be easily winning this tug-of-war. But then there are those people who spread nastiness to all those who cross their paths. In those cases... what to do...

Often, it feels like my decision-making is determined by the outcome of a tug-of-war between Buddha and Arya Stark, that is taking place daily inside my mind.
Every single person in the world has to deal with grief, frustration, sadness, suffering... so it only makes sense to treat them with nothing but kindness. It's easy to do this with nice people who add some love to the world with their presence.

With people who are somewhat neutral, it's worth remembering that one sweet gesture can do wonders to remind them that life is gentler when we can help each other.
So far, Buddha seems to be easily winning this tug-of-war.
But then there are those people who spread nastiness to all those who cross their paths. In those cases... what to do... what to do... One side tells me that these people are wounded. Their lashing out is a cry for help. If anything, they need ever more love than everyone else.
But Arya Stark pulls hard on the other side... everybody's life is already hard enough, and these individuals make it even harder by dumping their meanness all around them. Their being too weak to handle all the frustration and pain that Life has served them is not a justification for being intolerable assholes to others who don't deserve it.
And so, i find myself gravitating between wanting to hug everyone and doing what i can to make their lives easier, and thinking some people shouldn't be allowed to breathe the same oxygen I breathe. Forget unconditional love, what they really need is for me to stomp their skull into the pavement.
Some days, Buddha wins. On just as many days, Arya Stark conquers the field inside my mind.


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