You can not decide what and when to learn as learning is something complicated and personal: I can not explain the same things in the same way to 25 different people.

I would not know where to start from.
I would like to point out that this is a personal criticism of the school and the school system as a former student on behalf of all those who live or have lived it like me, those who lived it well and were lucky enough to be passionate about the obligations that the school imposes.

It is certainly one of the greatest mistakes of modern society.
Kids, boys, are the exact projection of our future, what happens to them, what they see, learn, experience and undergo is the exact projection of what awaits us. Sooner or later they will be "commanders" in this society, they will be the politicians, farmers, employers of various companies and their workers, teachers and masters who will convey the values that move our society.
Unfortunately, we are taught since childhood that school is important, that we have to study and have good grades to be able to work full-time: during the most important years of our learning, we are thrown into the clutches of incompetent people, unable to handle such an important role: to model and build the self, so that every person learns to exploit all the hidden potential.
Yes, this is what a teacher should do.
Instead, when you are young you are locked up in a classroom with another 20-25 guys, submitted to the teachers, who often have little desire to be there, and judged by them. They judge mistakes without understanding their importance, forgetting that no one is wrong, but each of us is in an experiencing process that allows him to become a “persona”.
You get approved, and canceled to meet system requirements, and if you are different you are discarded and discriminated, flagged as a failure of the society and fell down by the teachers themselves. Instead of being rewarded, individuality is crushed under judgment, ending up alienated by your comrades, who avoid you because you are different.
You find yourself following lessons that in 90% of cases do not affect anyone, including the teacher. The teachers teaches – let’s say - Italian, but he does not even know why he does it, he knows only that you have to have good grades to get a diploma and to do that, you have to study what the program says, for example I Promessi sposi ... Who ever said: "Wow! Thanks to my school I was able to study I Promessi Sposi, and they opened me an entire world"? Seriously, I Promessi Sposi is a great masterpiece for those who understand it, but is it really crucial? Isn’t there anything more important? The boys are suffering from depression, they are "bullied" or "bully", they grow up thinking that they look disgusting; they refuse the word "learn" and then spend the rest of their lives working and regretting the school, where, at least, they spent time doing nothing and where studying was not as unbearable as the work they have found.
The school does not care that you know how to interact with the world, it is not interested in developing your potential based on your abilities; there are standards you must achieve, no matter what passions you have as they are less important. And must force what is really important into the available hours.
I'm sure it makes sense to study. If we think about it, we will be able to use the I Promessi Sposi, but there are things much more important, especially in the early age, when we build the basics of our character and our uniqueness. I like Cesare Pavese, it's good to know the maths and calculate the sine and cosine to give a sense to an electromagnetic wave; but is it possible that all these "smart guys" are perpetually depressed, lazy, and quarrelsome who need to act foolish to have fun, and to enjoy what surrounds them? Is it possible that they are not able to let go and are always dependent on the judgment of others, becoming toys that can be easily manipulated by criticism? Is it acceptable that these frustrated and unconscious people cover important roles in our society, educating those who will come after them?
The school should be the forge of the new heroes who act according to their principles to make the world a better place…every day ...
But what people have you seen? Are these the new "heroes"? When I talk to pleople my age I feel like discussing with kids, that seem to be out of the world. The worst thing, though, is that they feel normal because they conform. Indeed, I'm the weird, crazy and different one.
It is clear that the school does not do its job.
It is clear that it must be eliminated.
You can not decide what and when to learn as learning is something complicated and personal: I can not explain the same things in the same way to 25 different people; I can not decide that tomorrow from 8am to 10am everybody will the equations; I can not leave the role of "locksmith" to lazy people, unable to teach the passion to the students, making it so heavy.
School is the death of individuality.
Its goal is mediocrity, as is democracy. Professors are not inspirational figures and models to follow and students do not study because they are interested in the subjects learnt in school, but only for exams and marks.
Just close this cerebral slaughter. Let the guys express and let them go wrong. Nothing is perfect and mistakes are part of life. Take the guys out of school and put them in trouble; let them learn to have confidence in themselves; let them hurt themselves to understand the importance of hardworking, because it is precisely the difficulty that gives value to the action.
I could still go on but I would say that there is no need to add more.
School is a failure, one of the most dangerous, and must be canceled with all its old and obsolete teaching method.
I have expressed what many students would tell their teachers and parents, what they often do not know how to express or do not realize they have to express; something they can not say for the fear of being judged, not understood or oppressed by the ignorance of those who do not listen, such as relatives and teachers.
I have expressed a point of view that no one ever takes into account: that of the student. You are free to open yourself to this new point of view to have a more complete vision, or to judge and continue straight on your way without worrying about whether your students, children or grandchildren have something to say to you, have other interests or If your attitude, which you impose with the desire to help, is not doing exactly the opposite, putting in difficulty those who are simply different from you.


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