I like crazy people who are able to speak their mind lightly. I like those who can dance on their own in the middle of the dance floor, I like the ones who are a little harder to understand and those who keep a “different” aura behind their strange actions.

These are the people who follow their instinct, hence, they’re never boring. These are people who have deconstructed their frame of mind and are able not only to fit in different scenarios, they are also able to let go and do what makes them feel good.

For these kind of people, there isn’t such a thing as being “socially correct”. They follow their heart that becomes full of emotions which is being guided, calmly, without fear of judgement. These people have learnt to unleash their spontaneous side and their ego and to accept the consequences coming from such an approach.
I like people who are able to live in the present and in lightness, I like people who know the meaning of self-irony, those who can laugh and make other people laugh, I like those who give 100% while accepting the impermanence of things. I like those who confront life’s challenges with serenity and at the same time will not tolerate abuse. Those who will raise to defend their own freedom of expression, fighting shallow judgement and ignorance.
Being crazy is not for everyone. One needs to listen and observe, see those who stand out in a set situation and learn to be crazy at the right time.
Living in peace chasing my dreams and passions is the only thing that really matters and if this society thinks I am crazy, then so be it.


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