Thinking of being informed after having seen a couple of interviews, a video on YouTube and two people juggling on TV is like thinking to have had sex after watching a porn movie.

I have never digested democracy, I have never digested politics in general, and I do not digest constraints and obligations, which I find useless, imposed by people I do not even know.
I never understood why, if one thing is decided by the majority, it immediately becomes law for everyone.

I never understood why if a dictator says that the Jews are inferior is an asshole and if the majority of a people say it of women is democracy.
Basically I understand nothing, but one thing is clear to me: democracy is a perfect machine, not politically but statistically.
The role of the politician is to represent and in fact he is the perfect representation of the average citizen, of mediocrity.

Because that's what it takes to satisfy the majority: mediocre.

Choosing democracy for me is like choosing to level me to mediocrity, to let myself be guided by it: everyone should be free to choose for himself.
Throughout the world, quantity is preferred to quality, mediocrity and equality to the beauty of diversity and diversity is now prevalent.
I'm not a politician, so I will only express my opinion:

Among the voters there are functional illiterates, and I going to explain in a few words what are the differences between classic and functional:
Classical illiterate does not have the reading and writing skills we all know.
The functional one, to make it short, owns these skills but can not use them correctly, making it difficult to read and understand the meaning of simple texts.
" Difficult to read and understand the meaning of simple texts " ... And politics does not use simple texts. These people vote for me and for you.

We all look for things we do not even know!
Auger? Vaccines? But what the fuck do I know??? I can choose for myself, but I cannot choose for millions of people, as they should not choose for me.
Thinking of being informed after having seen a couple of interviews, a video on YouTube and two people juggling on TV is like thinking to have had sex after watching a porn movie.
If I want to say I know something and express my opinion on the issue, I have to be in place, dealing with people involved and experiencing problems, causes and effects of the situation; otherwise I prefer to be silent. Every part pulls out just what suits it: videos can be remade a thousand times, and often, the only people who speak are the one who have the opportunity to be heard.
We do not even know what we are voting for.

It is difficult, for four friends who have been knowing themselves for years to choose where to eat out; imagine how it can be to run a country for 60 million people who are usually blurry in traffic and insult their mothers for nothing.

This new mediocrity epidemic is nothing more than a wave perfectly tamed by the "surfers" of the big companies that exploit this tide of ignorance to run their own businesses with the approval of the majority, talking “difficult” to the illiterate masses.

I am not a politician and I certainly do not have a solution to propose, but it is clear that this is not the right path.

In theory all forms of government are perfect because they all take on the common sense of the one who runs them. Common sense do not pertains to goverments, but to the people that runs it. And we, italians have less and less of it.
The solution is not a new President, it is not democracy as it is not anarchy, it is not capitalism, it is not communism and it is not fascism: first thing we lack in common sense. We need an intravenous injection of moral principles, not a saint coming from Rome who runs our interests.
This is a beggaric policy, waiting for a saviour that build a better life for us because we are not able to build it.
This is not my policy.

I'm not a beggar.

And you?

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