The MMA is considered one of the specific combat sports that has been born from the intersection of all combat sports and martial arts. At the beginning, there were Martial Artists who came from specific traditions who faced each other. For example: the Karateca against the Wrestler or Sumo Wrestler against the Kickboxer. Now, whoever practices the MMA is following a training method that takes the best from the different specialties, simplifying them, so that they are then functional to a more probable or possible fight with very few rules. In our case, the MMA does not have the competitive aspect: we practice to improve ourselves and be mentally and physically prepared for a fierce fight that might never happen.


It is a type of functional training created not to increase the muscles size but to be able to use the body to the maximum of its possibilities, with particular attention to the quality of power, speed and resistance. Functional training is based on the idea of a direct connection between body and mind: it is the mind that is needs to be trained to react quickly and not the muscle or muscle chain. This methodology was born in the training of American Special Forces of the army.


The crossfit and the crossfit workout is nothing more than a subset, or a methodology of the Functional Training. This training methodology is currently among the most popular among functional fitness programs used in gyms.


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